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How to set up your VidGrid LMS integration
How to set up your VidGrid LMS integration

VidGrid integrates into all major LMS systems via LTI standards. This article outlines the multiple LMS versions supported for setup.

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VidGrid offers four LTI integrations for your LMS.

  • VidGrid Embed: Easily record, upload, or search for existing videos to insert into your course. The VidGrid Embed icon will appear in the Rich Content Editor (RCE). The instructor can preview, add questions, request captions, and edit the video from the integration before it is inserted into a course.

  • VidGrid Quizzing: Grades from in-video quizzes are automatically passed back to the gradebook upon video completion. Simply create your video quiz and assign it to you learners. Instructors and learners can see scores for instant feedback.

  • VidGrid Student Recording: Assign video recording assignments to your learners. The student records and previews the video all from within the LMS. The instructor receives the video in their course folder as soon as the learner approves the recording. These assignments can be added as graded assignments to the gradebook.

  • VidGrid Portal: Insert the whole VidGrid app experience within the LMS environment. Instructors can access their manage their Grid, edit videos, request/edit captions, duplicate and combine videos, share videos, and much more without leaving the LMS.

All VidGrid LTI 1.3 integrations are certified by IMS Global. Visit the IMS Product Directory to learn more.

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Note: If your desired LMS environment is not listed, reach out to us with the in-app chat or at We support most LMS environments.

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