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How to set up the 1.3 Moodle Quiz and Student Record
How to set up the 1.3 Moodle Quiz and Student Record
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LTI 1.3 is the current version of the LTI standard, and upgrading to 1.3 for your VidGrid connection has several benefits in Moodle:

  1. eventually the old 1.1 LTI will be deprecated by the standards body, although there is no official date, it's good for future-proofing.

  2. the 1.3 version of VidGrid has several new safeguards to help ensure a student's quiz submission is saved and not lost.

How do I know if we're using VidGrid LTI 1.1 or 1.3?

  1. open Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > External Tools > Manage Tools > Manage Preconfigured Tools

  2. Compare to the below screenshots - if the VidGrid Quiz base URL is, that's the old 1.1 LTI. If instead you see, that's the new 1.3 LTI.

This screenshot shows the 1.1 old version:

This is the new 1.3 version:

How to Upgrade from 1.1 to 1.3 Quiz

It's important to keep the old 1.1 Quiz plugin; if you remove it, and a course is still using the plugin for a quiz assignment, the content will stop working. We recommend renaming the 1.1 Quiz plugin "deprecated do not use" for a period of time, before fully deleting it. If you'd like, reach out to VidGrid support, we can easily see which instructors are using the old version to help migrate to the new version.

To add the new 1.3 Quiz plugin:

  1. open Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > External Tools > Manage Tools > Manage Preconfigured tools and click on "Add Preconfigured Tool"

  2. fill out the values below. Note that the initiate login URL requires a unique School ID - contact VidGrid support for this 12-character ID.

Tool name

VidGrid Quiz 1.3 (whatever you want)

Tool URL

LTI version


Public key type (if present)

RSA key

Public key









-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

Initiate login URL Contact VidGrid Support for your school's 12-character identifier<vidgrid-school-identifier>

Redirection URI(s)

Tool configuration usage

Show in activity chooser as a preconfigured tool

Default launch container

New Window

Services > IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services

Use this service for grade sync and column management

Services > IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning

Use this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy polity

Services > Tool settings

Use this service

Privacy > Share launcher's name with tool


Privacy > Share launcher's email with tool


Privacy > Accept grades from the tool


3. Click save

4. From the Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > External Tools > Manage Tools screen, look for the tool you just created, and click the "view configuration details" icon:

5. Keep a note of the Client ID (ex: a12bCDEf3GHi5kL) and Deployment ID (ex: 123) for step 7 below.
6. As a VidGrid admin, navigate to ( VidGrid site > right corner > Account Settings > LTI settings)

7. in the LTI 1.3 section, click "Add a new LTI 1.3 Deployment", and fill in these fields:

Select LMS



Embed LTI << NOT QUIZ, EMBED is correct - I'm not sure why, but that's what works =)

Issuer Host

your Moodle domain, for example:

Auth host

Same as Issuer Host

Client ID

the client ID from step 5

Deployment ID

the deployment ID from step 5

8. Click save.

Test the 1.3 Quiz:

  1. Open a class, and choose "add activity or resource"

  2. choose VidGrid Quiz 1.3 from the list of activities, and choose "Add"

  3. Enter a title for the assignment, then click "Choose Content". A screen like below should appear. If you don't have any videos, use the camera icon in the top right corner to create one, or the "file" icon to upload a video.

  4. After selecting a video, click "play" - to add quiz questions to the video, click the menu in the top right corner of the video player, then choose the "manage questions" tab, see here for more details. When you're done, click the gear icon in the lower right corner to continue.

  5. enter the number of points the assignment is worth and re-enter the title, then click the checkmark.

That should be it - opening the assignment should play the video. You'll need to log in as a student to see the grade transfer to the gradebook - if you want it graded, make sure your video questions are multiple choice, with correct answers marked.

If you run into any issues feel free to reach out, cheers!

Student Record 1.3 Setup

Repeat the steps above, except name it "VidGrid Student Record 1.3" or similar, and the Tool URL will be . I can add a full section here if schools are interested, let me (Ryan) know!

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