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In-Video Questions

You can add questions to your videos to engage and get valuable insight on your viewers.

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In-Video questions are particularly useful for gathering information from your clients, colleagues, students, or leads. Examples of ways you can use this to deliver more value in a video include: 

  • Gathering lead information

  • Scheduling demos or meetings

  • Client feedback on product

  • Formative assessments for learning objectives

What is the difference between Surveys and Quizzes? 

Surveys: Used for polling or gathering information from viewers. No correct answer needs to be selected.

Quizzes: A correct choice should be selected and the user is evaluated on those answer selections and given a score.

Creating a Question

Open your video and click the icon in the top right corner, as seen here:

Once you click on this icon, the modal will slide into view:

Once the modal appears, you can add questions to your video as you play it. The video will auto-pause anytime the modal is open.

In this modal you can: 

  • Add Questions

  • Access Question Library

  • Change Settings

  • Download Results

Add Questions: 

You can add questions by clicking "Add Question" from the Questions Tab

Question Types:

  • Multiple Choice: Only one answer can can be submitted; Jump To can be used with this question type.

  • Multiple Select: The user can submit multiple answers to the question by clicking on the check boxes. 

  • Text Input: Multiple text answer fields may be filled out by a user for one question.

  • Call To Action: Guide your use to an external website

  • Schedule a Meeting:  Using our Timekit Calendar integration will allow you to place a meeting scheduler within the video that will sync with your calendar.

Timestamp: Defaults to the current video position. Can be changed to any timestamp in the video. If you select the Timestamp box and click somewhere on the the video timeline, the question time will update to that specific spot on the screen.

This question is required: This checkbox requires that a question be answered before the video can continue. Users cannot skip past a required question. If this option is deselected, a user can choose to skip.

Answer Label: Input the answer choices that the user can select.  Click the + or - to add or delete answers.
Answer Options: This checkbox enables User Feedback and Jump To Position.

  • User Feedback: The feedback entered here will be shown to the user based on the answer that was selected

  • Jump To Position: Jump to a specific Timestamp in the video based on the answer selected. This is only available for Multiple Choice questions. If you click in the "Jump to position" box and then click on your video timeline, it will auto-fill the exact "Jump To" spot.

How do I know where my questions are in the video? 

Each question is displayed with the Timestamp location in the video. Click on the Timestamp to see the location that the question appears.

Can I edit or delete my questions?

Yes, click on the "Pencil" icon on the "Edit Questions" page to edit the questions in your video. Click on the trash icon to remove the question. 

Change Settings:

By default, "Make this a quiz" is on. That means you have the option to choose a correct answer when inputting your questions.
You can also choose whether or not your user will see the results of their selections throughout the video or at the end of the video.

Export Results:

  • You can download an Excel file from the Results tab. You can select the time period that you would like to generate the report for. 

  • The export will show all questions and the responses from your viewers. If the questions are part of a graded quiz, a score will be present in the results. 

  • If a question does not have a correct answer assigned, that question will not be scored in the final results but the answer will be recorded.

Note: the results summary will show the most recent answers submitted by a viewer.

Save to Library:

Save your questions to the library for re-use. 

Default Library:

If account Admins would like all creators to have access to the same default questions; they can add questions to the default library. 

Step 1. Click on Library

Step 2. Click on the 'Plus' symbol next to Default Library (Only Admins will have access to add or remove from default library)

Step 3. Add your Question

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