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Insert a custom CTA in my video

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A call to action (CTA) is an event that allows you to direct your viewer(s) to complete a task. The CTA question type allows for you to give an announcement, directions, or  a task to a user. This article overviews how to get started.

Call To Action Video Overview:

Open your video and click on the In-Video Questions icon in the top right.

Step 1: Choose Call to Action in the question type dropdown. 

Step 2: Enter your question box: Type in the CTA directions (i.e. 'Sign Up Today!')

Step 3: This question is required: If checked, a Continue button will appear after the CTA button is clicked (if a button is required). If unchecked, the Continue button is always available.

Step 4: Answer Options: If checked, the button options appear under Answers. 

Step 5: Button Label: Input the text you would like to display on the CTA button. (i.e. 'Click Here')

Step 6: Button Link: Input the web link destination URL (i.e. '') Note: Must include https:// or http:// in URL.

Step 7: Save question: Inserts the CTA question into your video

That's it! You're all set. When your viewer plays the video, the video will stop and show your CTA at the desired timestamp. 

Once you've built your CTA, save it to your library 

If you want to build a library of all of your questions, check out this resource!

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