Interactive Captions

Search and edit captions files directly from the video player.

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Note: To have Interactive Captions enable for your account, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are looking for help adding captions to a video,
check out this article.

Interactive Captions

  • Search video captions from within the video

  • Click the caption on the video or search icon on the right of the video to open the caption slideout.

  • Use the search bar at the top to find specific words mentioned in the video

  • Use up and down keys to cycle through results

  • Jump to specific position on click

Download caption transcript

  • Click the download icon to get the .VTT file transcription from the video

Video creators/editors can edit captions within the video

  • Double click on caption line or click the edit icon in the top right  to enable edit

  • Make caption corrections and hit enter or click out of the text box to auto-save

  • To edit multiple lines, click tab to go to the next line instead of enter to save

  • Use spacebar to play the video when the caption sidebar is open

  • Click on the refresh icon in the top right when you are finished editing to display new caption file on the video

Enable caption search for Viewers

  • Change default for all videos: Account Settings > My account >Default Video Permissions > Enable "Allow viewers to search video captions" - Note: This will only affect new videos created.

  • Change setting for a single video: Permissions > Enable "Enable caption search for viewers"


  • ESC - clears out search when in focus

  • Up/Down arrows - cycles through search results

  • Spacebar - plays/pauses video

  • Enter - edit/save caption line

  • Tab - go to next line in caption file

Note: Searching from the searchbar on the top of the VidGrid app will pull up videos with captions/transcripts attached.

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