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Blackboard LTI Update - Summer 2021
Blackboard LTI Update - Summer 2021

Navigating the recent Blackboard Update

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Blackboard's most recent update sunset LTI 1.1 Integrations, the Building Block, and ushered customers into their SaaS environment, whether in Original Course View or Ultra Navigation.

Moving forward, if you were using the VidGrid Building Block or LTI 1.1 Quiz integration, you'll need to update your integration to LTI 1.3.

If you have the LTI 1.3 embed installed already, you do not need to change anything.

This means that, in the SaaS Original Course View, faculty will now embed videos through the "plus" icon from the Rich Content Editor.

In the Ultra Navigation, all VidGrid interactions except the Portal will be accessed through the Content Market.

Here is the link to the setup instructions for the LTI 1.3 integrations:

There are two VERY IMPORTANT pieces to note

1) Installing the VidGrid 1.3 Tool Provider twice will BREAK all content in the first 1.3 install. This can be tricky because the tool provider title is "Prod Lti 13 New" (no mention of VidGrid in the tool provider name) so it's easy to miss.

2) If the school still has the VidGrid 1.1 Quiz LTI installed, we suggest re-naming it "Do not Use" but leaving it active, so as to not break any existing content. Then the 1.3 Quiz LTI can be installed.

Please reach out with any questions!

-The VidGrid Team

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