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Picture in Picture (PiP) Video Viewing
Picture in Picture (PiP) Video Viewing

Enabling Picture in Picture mode allows a user to view a video while navigating to other apps, sites, or tabs.

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VidGrid's video player supports Picture in Picture (PiP) on most modern browsers. PiP enables viewers to "pop out" the video player and view the video while navigating away from the video page. Note: If PiP is not available in your browser, the icon will be grayed out. Please try another browser (Chrome, FireFox, Edge)

To enabled PiP, click the icon in the bottom right of your player

When PiP is enabled, a message will appear on the VidGrid player letting the viewer know that the video is playing in another window.

When PiP is enabled, all VidGrid interactive functions still show up on the VidGrid player and not within the PiP window. This means that questions, chapters, captions, comments, and attachments will continue to appear on the VidGrid player.

If you are the creator or a user with video edit access, you will notice that all the interactive features on the player will open in fullscreen to give more space for edits (see below).

To quit PiP mode, you can click the close the PiP window and the video will continue playing on the video page. You can also de-select the PiP icon on the VidGrid video player and the video will come back to the screen.

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