Change your caption style

Viewers can change font, color, and background of the captions on a video from the caption menu.

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Viewers watching a VidGrid video that contains captions are able to change the style in which the captions appear on the video.

Default View:

Captions default to have white text on a black background as shown here:

Customize Captions:

To change your caption style follow these steps:

  1. Click on the CC icon on the right of the player control bar

  2. Select "Caption Settings"

  3. Change the necessary fields to how you desire the captions to appear on your screen. As you change the fields, you will notice the captions on player will adjust.

Reset Captions:

  • The captions preferences will save for any video you watch on VidGrid if you are logged in or the browser has saved a cookie.

  • To reset your captions back to the original state, access the "Caption Settings" and choose "Reset"

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