Beta Recorder for Chromebooks

Record your screen, webcam, and mic on Chrome.

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Note: This is a Beta recorder. This recorder may be updated or sunset at any time.

If you do not see the following options in your VidGrid account, please reach out to your company admin to request access.

To install the VidGrid Chrome based recorder, follow these steps:

  1. Visit and right-click the blue record button. Choose "Install Chrome Extension"

2. Follow the link and install the extension.
3. Return to and right-click the record button again. Choose "Authenticate Chrome Extension"

3. Find the VidGrid extension in the top right corner of your chrome browser and click it. Enable the elements you want to record (screen, microphone, and / or camera) and then click record.

4. When asked to share your screen with VidGrid, click on the screen you want to record and choose "share"

5. Small red numbers indicating the recording time should appear over the extension's icon. Click into the same window to stop the recording.

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