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Record videos on my iPad or iPhone
Record videos on my iPad or iPhone

How can I use VidGrid to record videos on my iPad or iPhone?

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There are a few ways that iPad users can record videos from their iPad and upload to VidGrid. 

Record my from camera:

  1. Open the VidGrid app in your browser at

  2. Log in

  3. Click "Record" in the top right

  4. You will be asked if you want to use the camera or upload from your photos

  5. If you choose camera, your local camera will open and you can record your video (Note: we suggest you record your video horizontally so your video playback in the best resolution)

  6. When you are done recording, the video will automatically upload to VidGrid

  7. Make sure you do not close the browser during the upload process

Record my iPad screen: (Only available on iOS 10+)

NOTE if you run into an error where your iPad recordings are cut short on VidGrid, first try moving the video from your camera roll to your iPad Files app, *THEN* upload to VidGrid - this fixes the truncated video issue.

  1. Start the Settings app.

  2. Scroll down until you find "Control Center" and tap it.

  3. Tap "Customize Controls."

  4. If "Screen Recording" isn't already at the top in the section called "Include," find it in the "More Controls" section and tap the green plus sign. It should move to the top of the screen.

Note: You need to add the Record button to the Control Center before you make recordings. 

How to screen record on an iPad

  1. When you're ready to record, start the app or go to the screen on which you want to start recording.

  2. Swipe down from the upper right of the screen to pull down the Control Center. 

  3. Tap the Record button, which is a circle with a dot inside it.

  4. You should see the circle change into a three second countdown, and then it will turn red to indicate it's recording. You can use the countdown time to close the Control Center.

  5.  After the recording starts, you'll see a small recording indication at the top of the screen (and yes, this will also appear in the recording).

  6. When you are ready to stop recording, tap the recording indication and then tap "Stop" to confirm this is really what you want to do.
    By default, videos are saved to the Photos app.

Note: If you tap and hold (perform a "long press,") the record button, you'll see an additonal option if you want to turn the microphone on so you can narrate the video. 

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