To record a fullscreen video without the toolbar showing in the final recording, you can enable a setting on the recorder.

Video Tutorial:

Windows: Recorder settings icon > Auto minimize on fullscreen record

Mac: Top menu bar > Preferences > Auto minimize on fullscreen record

  • When this setting is enabled on the recorder, the recording toolbar will minimize as soon as the recording starts. 

  • In order to Resume/Pause and Minimize/Maximize the recorder, use hotkeys. The hotkeys will display on countdown as a reminder.

Note: If Hotkeys are not working, make sure they are enabled on your recorder.

  • Resume/Pause: Shift + Alt + R (Windows), Shift + Option + R (Mac)

  • Minimize/Maximize: Shift + Alt + M (Windows), Shift + Option + M (Mac)

  • Complete Recording: Shift + Alt + D (Windows), Shift + Option + D (Mac)

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