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Automatically create users through LTI integration
Automatically create users through LTI integration

Choose level of VidGrid access based on user roles in the LMS automatically.

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If you have any of VidGrid's LTI integrations installed in your LMS. You have the option to automatically create user accounts based on the roles assigned in the LMS.

Prerequisitie: VidGrid Admin

To get started, go to Account Settings > LTI Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page to LTI global settings.

  • Automatically create VidGrid accounts for new LTI users: If this is enabled, users will be created automatically when any LTI integration is launched within your LMS. If the user already exists with the same email, they will be logged in automatically.

  •  Send account password for new LTI users: This is only applicable if all users will need to access the VidGrid app outside of the LMS. (Not recommended for this setup)

  • Default VidGrid acount levels: This section all depends on what user permission your LMS users should have in VidGrid. Reach out to your account rep if you are unsure.

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