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Upload/Download File Attachments from a Video
Upload/Download File Attachments from a Video

Quickly add or download a file directly from the video player

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Any file attachment such as a PowerPoint, Word doc, image, etc can be added to a VidGrid video directly from the video player. 

Viewers of that video will have the option to download the file when they open the video for playback.

Upload Attachment:

If you are an admin, own the video, or have edit permissions on a video you may upload, download, and delete file attachments from a video. 

1. Click on the file attachment icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video player

2. Click "Upload Attachments" - you can drag and drop or select the files from your computer.

Download Attachment:

If there is an attachment present on a video that you are viewing, the Attachment icon will appear in the bottom right of the screen (this always shows for videos you own). 

1. Click on the icon and click the download button to get a copy of the file.

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