Replacing a Video with a New One

Keep your video content updated by replacing your video but keeping the original links.

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The Replace Video function allows you to update your original videos with new content without your links breaking. 

This means that the video will always have the most relevant information and you don't have to track down every email, course, job aid, or website that your video can be found to update it. 

The tool can be found by right-clicking on any video in your Grid.

There are two options to replace your video:

  1. Replace via Record - this will launch the VidGrid screen recorder and anything that record with that recorder will automatically replace your original video.

  2. Replace via Upload - if you already have a video on your desktop, or you download another VidGrid video from your Grid, you can upload that video and it will replace your original video.

Please note: this cannot be undone. We suggest downloading or duplicating your original video in the case you need to revert or reference back at some point.

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