Creating Video Playlists

Turn any folder into a shareable playlist to view videos

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Turning a folder of videos into a playlist for you end-users is really easy. All interactions such as in-video questions and comments still display on each individual video.

Creating the Playlist

  • Select the folder of videos that you would like to make into a Playlist

  • Right-click or click on the folder dropdown to select "Playlist"

  • Select "Make this folder a playlist." This will generate the playlist link and embed code.

  • If you would like your videos to appear in a specific order, select "Enable custom order for the videos in this playlist." The videos will appear in the order of the folder. 

Share the Playlist

  • Copy the link and share it with your audience

  • Copy embed code and insert anywhere that accepts an iframe (LMS, Website, etc)

Note: Make sure that all the videos in the folder have the correct individual viewing permissions. If a user tries to view a video in a playlist that they do not have access to, they will receive an error message.

Viewing the Playlist

  • The current video title will display in the top left of the player

  • The folder name and current video position will display in the top left under the title

  • To skip to the next video, locate the skip icon located near the play icon.

  • To view all videos in the playlist, click on the playlist navigation icon in the bottom right of the player near the settings icon.

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