LMS Integration Interface

The VidGrid Embed tool can be found in any Rich Text Editor (RCE) in your LMS.

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  1. My Grid: Select the folder of videos you would like to video

  2. Record: Launch the VidGrid recorder

  3. Upload: Upload existing video/audio files from your computer

  4. Search: Use keywords to search video titles, descriptions, and caption files 

  5. Account: Access the help center, log out of VidGrid

  6. Video: Click to preview video. Hover over video to view: title, description, owner, and length

  1. Video Preview: Play video preview

  2. Title: Rename the video

  3. Edit: Trim sections, Blur screen, & Add Music in VidGrid

  4. Copy: Copy shareable video link

  5. Request Captions: Request machine captions 

  6. Insert: Embed the video into the Rich Text Editor in the LMS

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