Transfer Video Ownership

Admins can transfer the ownership of videos to another user

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Transferring Individual Video Ownership

Only Admins have the power to transfer the ownership of videos belonging to users at their organization. To transfer a single video to a different user:

  • Open the video, and click on the downward-pointing triangle underneath the video next to the current video owner’s icon. 

  • Click “change video owner.” 

  • Type the name or email address of the new video owner in the window that appears. Then click “done.”  

Admins are only able to transfer videos between 2 users in their organization. Once a video is transferred, it will no longer appear on its original user’s grid. The original user will also no longer be able to edit or change permissions for the video.

Transferring Multiple Videos

  • Select the videos you want to transfer from the Grid

  • Right click, or choose the more option from one of the highlighted videos

  • Click "Transfer ownership"

  • The list of videos to be transferred will show in the modal

  • Select the new owner you would like to transfer ownership to.

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