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(Optional) VidGrid Portal - Moodle
(Optional) VidGrid Portal - Moodle

Add the full VidGrid app in Moodle with HTML Blocks

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If you would like to allow your instructors to utilize the entire VidGrid app inside of Moodle, we can set up an HTML Block that utilizes the Portal LTI.

You must be a Moodle Administrator and VidGrid Admin to set up the tool.

Step 1. Create External Tool

  1. Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > External tool > Manage tools

  2. Click the link to "configure a tool manually."

  3. Tool name: VidGrid Portal

  4. Tool base URL/cartridge URL:

  5. Consumer key: (Get from VidGrid Account Settings > Integrations > LTI API Keys)

  6. Shared secret: (Get from VidGrid Account Settings > Integrations > LTI API Keys)

  7. Tool configuration usage: Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool > Save changes.

Step 2. Add Portal Tool to Site home, Site pages, or Courses

  1. Choose somewhere to "host" the tool (Site pages or Courses-recommended).

  2. Somewhere on the page - Add an activity or resource > External Tool (You can choose to hide the external tool once it is on the page).

  3. Activity name: VidGrid Portal

  4. Preconfigured tool: VidGrid Portal > Save and return to course.

  5. Default launch container: Embed

  6. Click on "VidGrid Portal" - Copy the web address URL from your web browser (ie This is a unique identifier for your instance.

Step 3. Add HTML Block

  1. From the Courses page (Dashboard > Courses) go to ADD A BLOCK in the lower left of Moodle.

  2. Add...HTML

  3. Find (New HTML BLOCK) on the page > Click gear icon

  4. Configure (new HTML block) block

  5. Block title: VidGrid Portal (this may be customized)

  6. Open up HTML editor

  7. Paste code the below code in the editor > Make sure to replace with your link from step 2.

<p> <img src=""> <a href="PASTE YOUR WEB URL FROM STEP 2 HERE">Vidgrid Portal</a></p>

   8. Where this block appears > Display on page types: Any Page
9. Choose region and weight (position on the page) > Save Changes.
  10. Find VidGrid Portal > Click gear icon > Permissions
   11. Choose who you would like to view the HTML Block (Teacher, Manager is                      recommended)

The Portal will show on every page in Moodle so that instructors can access their full account without leaving Moodle. 

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