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Organization Account Settings
Organization Account Settings

Additional account settings for Admins to set up for their organization

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To access your account settings, click on your user icon in the top right corner of the screen.

In the left margin, Admins have additional options to:

  • Add Users

  • Manage Users

  • Manage Groups

  • Access Org Settings

  • Access Integrations

  • Access Billing

Check out our article on adding and managing users and groups as an Admin.

Org Settings

In Org Settings, Admins are able to edit their organization’s name.

If an Admin’s organization does not use SSO, admins can also specify the number of days until their users’ passwords expire. 

Farther down, Admins have the option to customize their organization’s logo. Click on “Choose File,” and select a .png, .jpg, or .gif file up to 500KB. 

New Video Defaults

Under new video defaults, Admins can change video defaults for their organization’s users. The options are the same as the default video permissions under “My account,” but apply to the Admin's entire organization.

Below the new video defaults, Admins can change their organization’s permission settings for combining videos.

Admins can toggle additional settings on and off:

  • Showing the VidGrid logo to viewers on the embedded video player

  • Enabling the right click menu for viewers on the video player

  • Preventing users from making public viewable videos

In the dropdown, Admins can select the transcode settings for videos uploaded to VidGrid.

If an Admin's organization uses Single Sign-On (SSO), Admins can change whether their organization accepts new SSO registrations. Admins can also change the default user level for new accounts created through SSO.

Auto Login enables VidGrid to try automatically logging in when a user is visiting from one of your organization’s own domains. This is only possible if an organization uses SSO. "Remember SSO login" keeps a user logged in when they visit the organization.

LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability)

If an Admin's organization uses an LMS, Admins can toggle whether or not to automatically create new accounts for LTI users, and send an account password for new LTI users. Underneath, you can specify the default account levels for administrators, instructors, and students. You can also specify which LMS your organization uses if you’ve installed the “login to VidGrid” LTI button.

Under organization domains, include the domains that belong to your organization. These will be used for SSO auto-login.

If you check the box under video features, users will be able to set videos as viewable without requiring viewers to login (even if the view permission is set to “team”) when the viewers’ HTTP_REFERER matches an organization domain listed in the “organization domains” box above this section.

Closed-Captioning Service

In this section, Admins can enable captioning service (if captioning is included in their organization’s plan), allowing you to request captioning for individual videos. Admins will also see the maximum length a user can request captions for, and the total available captioning credits remaining for their organization.

Check the final box in this section to allow creators to request video captions. If checked, Admins must fill in the text box to specify the maximum length a video can be captioned without having to ask for Admin approval.


Under “Miscellaneous,” Admins can check boxes to require more secure video shortlink, enable downloads in bulk, and enable guest record links.

Custom Labels

Org Admins can customize their Organization’s Org Library label. The Org Library will appear as “Org Library” on VidGrid by default.


On the integrations page of Account Settings, Admins can see the details for their current integrations. Here, Admins have access to their User and Organization API keys. These are required for integrations that involve posting to a user’s or an organization’s account. To set up any LTI integrations, users will need their Consumer Key and their Shared Secret, available in this section under “LTI API Keys.”

For more information about setting up integrations, check out our help center or contact support in-app.

Finally, Admins are able to access any logs at the bottom of this page.


Under Billing, Admins can see the details of their organization's VidGrid subscription. By clicking the blue button, Admins can also view pricing details or cancel their subscription.

Admins with billing privileges are also able to update their organization’s credit card or bank information. Below this, Admins are able to see their organization’s latest invoice.

Contact us if you would like to make changes to your organization’s VidGrid plan.

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