Editing Video Captions

Edit captions on your videos from the caption dashboard or from the video player

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In VidGrid, you can edit captions that you’ve requested or uploaded from within the video player. 

Video creators/editors can edit captions within the video

  • Open a video with captions and open the caption slideout by clicking on the search icon.

  • Double click on caption line or click the edit icon in the top right  to enable edit.

  • Make caption corrections and hit enter or click out of the text box to auto-save.

  • To edit multiple lines, click tab to go to the next line instead of enter to save.

  • Use spacebar to play the video when the caption sidebar is open.

  • Captions will automatically update on the player as you add them

Find and Replace

  • Removing or replacing word(s) in a caption file can be done individually or all at once

  • Search the term you are wanting to replace

  • Select the Find and Replace icon

  • Type in the word that will replace the search term

  • If the search word is to be removed, leave the "Replace" text input blank

  • Clicking "Replace" will replace the current queue selection (represented in blue)

  • Clicking Replace All will trigger a confirmation that all terms will be replaced

  • To remove fillers such as "uh" or "um" make sure you include a space before the word when it is searched or add a comma after (ie "um,") so that words that include those letters aren't affected (ie "number" or "jump")

Edit captions from the Dashboard:

  • To edit captions on VidGrid, click on the caption dashboard on the player. 

  • Click on the “edit captions” icon next to the captions you would like to edit. 

  • You will then see your caption text with timestamps. Make any edits to your captions here, and click “save.”

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