Account Settings

Configure your account from your Account Settings on VidGrid.

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To access your account settings, click on your user icon in the top right corner of the screen.

In your account settings, you’ll be able to enter your name, title, phone number, LinkedIn profile url, website address, and a guest record link.

Notification Settings

Under notification settings, you can enable email notifications when someone:

  • Shares a video with you

  • Comments on your video

  • Replies to one of your comments

  • Requests access to one of your videos

  • Views your trackable video

  • Adds an interactive comment to your video

  • Requests captioning that requires approval

  • Answers a question on your video

Default Video Permissions

Under default video permissions, you can change the default privacy settings for new videos you make. You can also enable comments, allow user comments, and show your profile on your videos.

You can update your email:

And you can also change your password:

My Devices

Under My Devices, you can see every device that has logged into your VidGrid account, and when it was last logged in.


You can change your profile picture at the bottom of your account settings. Click on “choose file” and select a .png, .jpg, or .gif file from your computer. Be sure to click “submit” to save changes. You also have the option to delete your avatar by clicking on “delete avatar.”

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