Adding In-Video Comments

Insert in-video comments to enrich your videos.

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Video owners can use comments for adding an afterthought, a clarification, or an external link. As long as they are enabled, comments are viewable to anyone watching the video.

The video owner and any viewers linked to the same organization as the owner can leave a comment. However, viewers must be logged in to comment on a video if they do not own the video. To enable commenting for viewers, the owner should go into a video's permission settings and check "allow user comments in video."

You can link to external sources by including https:// when adding a URL link the in the comment, such as

  • To add in-video comments, click the comment icon in the video.

  • Type in your comment and press enter. The timestamp next to the comment shows when the comment will appear. The time underneath shows how long the comment will stay on the screen.

  • To delete a viewer's comment, click on the trash icon within the comment bubble.

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