Setting Up VidGrid's Zoom Integration:

VidGrid’s Zoom integration allows you to pass recordings from your Zoom meetings directly to your VidGrid account. To set up Zoom integration on your VidGrid account, you’ll need two things. The first is a VidGrid account, and the second is a Zoom Pro account or higher.

Prerequisites: Request Zoom integration access from support via email or in-app chat. You must be a Zoom Pro account admin and a VidGrid account admin to complete this setup.


  1. Log into your Zoom admin account
  2. Navigate to “Zoom for Developers” under “Advanced” in the bottom left of the website.
  3. Sign into App Marketplace

Click Develop > Build App

  • App Name: VidGrid
  • Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace: Deselect toggle
  • Webhook only app: Select toggle
  • Create

Basic Information

  • Company Name: VidGrid

Developer Contact Information

  • Name: Your Name
  • Email Address: Your Email Address
  • Continue

Add Features

Click Manage > VidGrid

  • Click Feature
  • Copy Verification Token

Remove old integration (only if previously installed)

Manage > Old Zoom Integration (may reference ilos) > More options > Remove directly 


  1. Log into VidGrid Admin Account
  2. Navigate to Account Settings > Integrations > Zoom integration

(Note: If Zoom integration does not show up in your Integrations section, reach out to VidGrid support)

  • Verification token: Paste from Zoom App 
  • Fallback user: Any VidGrid Admin email for institution (If no VidGrid account email matches the Zoom account email that created a recording, the fallback user will receive the recording in VidGrid - we suggest making a separate admin account for Zoom)
  • Save
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