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Viewing Video Analytics

Video analytics give you insight into your viewers and your videos.

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  • VidGrid shows you who’s been watching your video, and when they’ve watched it. To view analytics, click on the analytics button in the video player: 

  • Details View: This tab allows you to see the date, name & email (if logged in), location, overall sections of the video that were played & skipped, as well as the total percentage of time watched in that viewing session. Export this view to get a glance of all viewers over a specific date range.

  • Heat Map: This tab displays the overall user engagement map for your video. This is helpful for knowing if a video should be edited or shortened based on where viewers are existing the video.

  • Stats Over Time: This tab displays plays in graph form over a period of time. This view defaults to the current week but can display Month, Year, and All-Time.

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