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Sharing Videos & Setting View Permissions
Sharing Videos & Setting View Permissions

Share videos and manage which people can see specific videos.

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Set Viewing Permissions:

Before sharing your video, make sure to set up your permissions to specify who can see specific videos. 

  • Click on the globe and choose who can see the video: 

  1. Anyone with a link: Anyone will access to the video link can view it.

  2. Only team members on my account: Anyone in your organization with a VidGrid account can view. Note: This is the only way to ensure that viewers do not show up as "Anonymous" in your video analytics.

  3. Only people in specific groups: If an admin has set up groups, only users that are in a specific group can view your video.

  4. Only me: Only the owner (or any admin) can see the video. If you share out a video with this permission, the viewer will get a message to request access.

Share your video:

From the Grid, right click on any video and choose Share, Copy Link or Copy Embed. 

From the video preview page, there is a share icon at the bottom of the video. You can copy link, embed code, send to another users "Shared with Me", or create a trackable link.

Share with VidGrid user:

  1. Type in the user's name and click share. The person you send it to will get a notification via email and in-app.

  2. When user clicks on “Shared with me” in their account, the video that was shared with them will have a red indicator in the corner of the video’s thumbnail. 

Generate multiple links that you can send out to different people. With this sharing option, you'll get notifications when anybody has viewed and played your video. 

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