If you’re an admin on your VidGrid account, you can manage how viewers are added in a specific instance. Go into your account settings by clicking on your account icon in the top right corner of My Grid. On the left hand side, you can choose to add users, manage users, or manage groups. 

When you click on “add new users,” if you have single sign on (SSO) enabled, your users can already sign into VidGrid using their SSO capabilities. If you don’t have SSO set up, you can send an invite to anybody to add them to your account. To do so, paste their email in the text box, and click on “create an invite link.” Otherwise, you can add them by single user or multiple users by clicking on either one of the options. This allows you to put in their name, email, password, choose their user level for VidGrid, and add them to any groups. 

To manage users, you can search them in the top right by typing in their name or email. When you select the checkbox next to a user’s name, you’ll have options to rename them, give them a new group membership, change their permission level such as viewer, creator, or admin, or delete their account. Deleting their account allows you to transfer their videos and folders to another user or the organization. 

“Manage groups” allows you to add new groups so that you can add users in your organization based on their department or team so that you can control the permissions on the videos they can see.

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