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(Optional) Moodle LMS Setup - oEmbed
(Optional) Moodle LMS Setup - oEmbed

Insert links anywhere in Moodle and the video will auto-embed for the end user.

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The VidGrid Moodle OEmbed Plugin allows instructors to copy and paste video links which will then automatically embed the video through an oEmbed plugin. To enable the plugin, follow the instructions below:

Step 1 - Download the plugin files

  • From the Latest release, download the Source code (zip)

Step 2 - Upload the ZIP

  • Login to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Dashboard > Site administration > Plugins> Install plugins.

  • Upload your ZIP by drag and drop or select the zip file from your computer.

  • Click "Install plugin from the ZIP file"

Step 3 - Manage Plugin Filter

  • When installation is complete, go to Plugins > Filters > Manage Filters

  • In order to work properly, your filters must be in this order:

That's it! Now when you insert a VidGrid link anywhere in the rich text editor in Moodle, the video will be embedded into the field instead of redirecting as an external link.

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