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Network Connectivity Issues and Custom Proxies
Network Connectivity Issues and Custom Proxies

When launching the VidGrid recorder, you may encounter an error such as the following: "IOException. Check network connection."

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1. Check Network Connection

If you lose your internet connection at any point while the recorder is making network requests, an IOException will occur. To verify that you have a valid internet connection, check or reset your WiFi/Ethernet connection and attempt to search the web with any browser. If you have a valid internet connection and are still seeing an IOException, try options 2 and 3 below.

2. Use a Custom Proxy (Windows Only)

Important Note: The following actions should only be reviewed and completed by an IT professional at your organization as enabling a proxy unnecessarily may cause further problems.

Some networks require all network traffic to run through a proxy. By default, the recorder will attempt to read your system's proxy settings. If it cannot (ie. your group policy restricts users from reading proxy settings), a system administrator can manually specify a proxy for the recorder to run through (this can also be done through group policy).

  1. Download the ilos recorder proxy registry settings.reg file attached to this support article

  2. Open your Registry Editor. You can do this by searching for "regedit" in the Windows start menu.

  3. Choose File > Import and choose the registry file you downloaded in step 1. You should see a confirmation message saying the keys and values were added to the registry. Click OK.

  4. In Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > ilosco > Recorder

  5. Here, you can define your proxy_host (ie. and proxy_port (ie. 8080). If you would like the recorder to run through the specified proxy, set proxy_set to true, otherwise, set proxy_set to false.

3. Other Solutions

If you are still experiencing issues, contact your network administration team. Firewalls and overloaded networks/proxies may also be the culprit.

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