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Recording PowerPoint Presentations
Recording PowerPoint Presentations

Capture PowerPoint presentations with ease on VidGrid.

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Recording PowerPoint presentations with audio narrative is super simple. Check it out:

To record a PowerPoint presentation:

  • First, launch the VidGrid recorder from the app, your desktop, or your LMS.

  • Open the PowerPoint you want to record.

  • Resize the VidGrid recorder to fit over your slide. By doing this, you’ll still be able to view your notes even though your viewers will only be able to view your slides. 

  • You can also turn on your webcam and drag it into the recorder’s boundaries.

  • Press record on the recorder hub.

You can now click through your slides as you normally would with your PowerPoint. If you want to make changes or record something else in the middle of the recording process, you can pause your recording and move your camera out of the recorder window or resituate the recorder over a different part of your screen. And be sure to click record again.

When you’ve finished recording, click the checkmark on the recorder hub, title your recording, and the video will upload directly to your VidGrid account.

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