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Student (Guest) Recording for an Assignment
Student (Guest) Recording for an Assignment

Having your students record a presentation or assignment for a class without a VidGrid account is super simple with our Guest Recorder.

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Instructor Setup:

1. Create a folder for your class and/or assignment in VidGrid.

2. Right-click on the folder and choose Guest record link.

3. Create your assignment or discussion and paste the link. Or, you can paste the embed code and that will insert a button that says "Record."

4. Make a video of how you would like your students to submit their videos, include naming conventions for your class.

Student Experience:

When a student is done recording, the video is sent to the folder the guest link was sent from in VidGrid. Here are a few best practices for students when recording for an assignment:

1. View the onboarding slides on the guest recorder page.

2. Ensure that the mic is showing green on the recorder (this means audio is being recorded)

3. Webcam on - the webcam will show on the screen if it is working correctly.

4. Naming the Video: Student Name, Course.

5. Copy the link or the embed code and insert it into the discussion or assignment in the LMS (Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard).

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