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Video Business Card

Insert your contact information into your video with your video profile.

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Video Business Card

VidGrid's video business card allows you to create a profile in your account settings that will allow you to have a custom business card on any of your videos. This is great for prospecting leads, working with current clients, allowing colleagues or students to schedule a meeting or get in contact.

The video business card icon in the top right corner only shows up at the beginning of the video, the end of the video, and whenever the options for your play button are showing.

  • Clicking on the email icon will copy the user’s profile to your clipboard. 

  • Clicking on the phone icon will copy the user’s phone number to your clipboard (or call the user, if you’re watching the video on mobile). 

  • The video icon will open up the guest recorder and allow you to send a video reply to the video's owner.

  • The link icon will open the user's website.

  • Clicking on the LinkedIn icon will open up the user’s LinkedIn profile. 

  • Clicking on “Book Meeting” will open up the user’s calendar link

Set Up:

To set up your video business card:

  • Go to your profile settings in your account settings.

  • Fill out the information you want to display in your video business card under Profile (name, title, phone number, LinkedIn profile, Calendar link - where it says Timekit ID) and click Submit.

  • To enable the video business card for all future videos you create, scroll down to Default Video Permissions and check the box next to “show profile on videos.” this will ensure that your profile will appear at the end of every future video you create. 

You’ll have to manually enable your video business card in videos you’ve already created by right clicking, selecting Permission Options, and clicking on “show owner profile” and then clicking Save.  You can disable your video profile on any individual video by unchecking this box too.


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