Closed-Captioning Settings

How do I manage closed caption settings?

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As an Administrator, you have the ability to limit whether or not Creators on the account can request professional captioning for a video. You can also set a max number of minutes that they can request for a particular video. You can also set a caption dictionary for commonly used words in your organization.

These settings can be found under Account Settings > Org Settings > Closed-Captioning Service.

Caption Settings:

  • Enable professional captioning service - this allows admins and creators to request human captions that will be applied to the video with 24 hours. 

  • Total professional captioning minutes available for your organization - credits for pro captions can be purchased to be utilized in the app. Reach out to your account rep.

  • Allow creators to request professional captions - this option allows creators to use the professional captions. If this is de-selected, only VidGrid admins can request professional captions.

  • Max video duration a creator is allowed to request professional captions for without admin approval - If you would like an admin to approve all professional caption requests, leave this at 0. If you increase the number, that means that a creator can request captions for videos under the minute limit without approval.

  • Enable machine captioning service - included in base service, every creator on VidGrid has access to machine captions for their video. 

Approving Captions:

  • When a new caption request is sent, the account admins will receive an email and an in-app notification. The request can be approved from the notification or from the Request Caption option on the video.

Note: We also offer the option for you to select a "captioning administrator" who will receive a notification every time a captioning request is made. They have the ability to approve or deny every request a Creator makes. If you are interested in this option, please contact VidGrid Support through the in-app chat.

Caption Dictionary

  • Add as many words as you would like for your organization. When a video is machine captioned, these words will be taken into account. Only insert commonly misspelled words into the caption dictionary.

  • One word per line.

Don't see captions enabled? Reach out to VidGrid support to talk about enabling captions.

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