Using the Guest Recorder

Invite non-VidGrid users to record videos to your account with the Guest Recorder.

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The VidGrid Guest Recorder allows non-VidGrid users to record to your account as a guest user.

If this feature is not enabled on your account, please reach out to your account manager or in message us via the in-app chat. 

Step 1: Create a personal folder under "My Grid"

Step 2: From that folder right click and choose Guest Record Link.

Step 3: Either copy the link for the recorder or copy the embed code for the record button.

Step 4: Send the link to the guest, or if embedding the record button, place the code anywhere that offers an HTML editor.

Step 5: After the guest records a video, the video will automatically appear into the folder that it was generated from. The guest can copy the video link or embed code as well.

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