What is VidGrid?

VidGrid's Video Platform empowers organizations to record, edit, and share videos in a secure, centralized location.

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VidGrid is Video's Most Interactive Platform. As such, our mission is to empower your entire organization to harness the power of video communication. Here's how we do it:

Ridiculously Simple Video

Record - Capture your screen, webcam, and audio in any combination on your PC/Mac or mobile device. The local recorder allows you to record any application, browser, or screen on your computer and automatically uploads it up to our cloud-based web app.
Edit - Trim, blur, and edit your videos to perfection with streamlined web-based video editing tools.
Share - Share videos across your org, with customers, students, or the entire world. You can easily embed your videos in your website, LMS, or anywhere else that accepts HTML.

Responsive, Stimulating Video 

Engage - Encourage viewers to contribute to videos with in-video questions, surveys, polls, and calls to action.
Interact - Let viewers interact with videos with time-stamped comments, emoji reactions, and responses.
Call to action - Direct your viewers to the next step with clickable call-to-actions within videos.

Secure, Scalable Video

Manage - Manage videos with an organized grid of folders and videos. Allow users to subscribe and follow your video folders. Create and send or embed your videos into a playlist.
Track - Track key metrics on video statistics and user behavior with advanced analytics.
Protect - Control privacy, security and default for all content within your organization.

Interested in seeing how this all looks inside VidGrid? Check out our Video Library

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