VidGrid is Video's Most Interactive Platform. As such, our mission is to empower your entire organization to harness the power of video communication. Here's how we do it:

Record - Capture voices and video recordings on any device, any browser, any time.
Edit - Trim, blur, and edit your videos to perfection with streamlined video editing tools.
Share - Share videos across your org, with customers, students, or the entire world.

Engage - Encourage viewers to contribute to videos with in-video questions, surveys, polls, and calls to action.
Interact - Let viewers interact with videos with time-stamped comments, emoji reactions, and responses.
Call to action - Direct your viewers to the next step with clickable call-to-actions within videos.

Manage - Manage videos with an organized grid of folders and videos.
Track - Track key metrics on video statistics and user behavior with advanced analytics.
Protect - Control privacy, security and default for all content within your organization.

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