D2L LTI Setup

You must be a D2L admin to be able to add in the LTI integrations.

  • In VidGrid, go to the top right corner and click on Account Settings, and then click on “integrations” on the top left sidebar. 
  • Scroll down to “LTI API Keys.” Copy and paste your consumer key and your shared secret. Then, log into your D2L environment.
  • As a D2L admin, click on more options and then “Remote Plugins.” Here, create a new remote plugin. Choose “Insert Stuff,” from the plugin type dropdown. Name this “VidGrid.” Copy and paste this as the launch point url: https://app.vidgrid.com/lti/embed
  • Go back to your VidGrid account. Copy the consumer key and paste that in D2L under “LTI Key.” Copy the shared secret from VidGrid and paste it under “LTI secret” in D2L.

This will give you the VidGrid icon that you can click on under “Insert Stuff.”

  • Finally, choose who to make it available to in D2L. Leave it as your entire org unit or add specific org units, classes, departments, etc. 
  • Click “Save.” Now when you log into one of your courses, go to “Insert Stuff,” and scroll down, you'll see VidGrid. When you click on that, it will open the VidGrid modal. From here, you can record, upload, search for videos or insert videos directly into your course. This happens anywhere with the rich text editor. If you click on a video you'd like, you can click “Embed,” then “Insert.” When you click “update,” you'll have the video right inside your course.

D2L VidGrid Portal Setup

Set up the VidGrid Portal in D2L if you'd like to access your entire VidGrid app within the D2L environment.

  • You'll need your consumer key and shared secret from “account settings” in VidGrid’s Integrations tab. 
  • In your D2L environment, cllick on “More, then click on “remote plugins,” then “New Remote Plugin.” From the dropdown under “Plugin Type,” choose where you want it to appear (typically the Navbar). Under the “Target” dropdown, choose where you want this to open up (typically the same frame). And name this “VidGrid Portal.”
  • Go back to your Integrations screen on VidGrid, and copy and paste your LTI consumer key and shared secret in D2L. 

(This is only necessary if you support icons in your Navbar.)

  • Make it available to whoever you like. 
  • Navigate to your course, click on more options in the upper right corner, and click on “edit this Navbar. Click on “Add Links.” From here, search for VidGrid (it will pop up as “VidGrid Portal), and add it. You can then drag that around in your links. Save and close.
  • Now you’ll see your VidGrid Portal at the top of the Navbar. To access your entire VidGrid account, click on “VidGrid Portal.” If you double-click on a video it will open up right here in D2L and you can then edit and add quiz questions to it as well.

D2L VidGrid Quiz LTI Setup

  • To set up your quizzing integration within D2L so your grades automatically pass back from a video into your D2L gradebook, go to your account at app.vidgrid.com. 
  • In your D2L environment, go into your settings on the top, and find “External Learning Tools.” Click on “Manage Tool Providers,” and then “New Tool Provider.” Under “Launch Point,” copy and paste this url: https://app.vidgrid.com/lti/quiz
  • Check the box to use custom tool consumer information. Go into “account settings” in VidGrid and click on “Integrations.” Scroll down to “LTI API Keys” and copy and paste you “Consumer Key” and “Shared Secret” from VidGrid to the “Key” and “Secret” boxes in your D2L environment (key and secret can be found at app.vidgrid.com-->account settings-->Integrations).
  • Scroll down and name this “VidGrid Quiz.” Check the box allow users to use it. Under “Security Settings,” check every box.
  • You can add the tool to anywhere in your org unit, courses, departments, etc. Save and close when you’re finished. Go to “Manage External Learning Tool Links” and click on “New Link.” So on the top you'll have your title, VidGrid Quiz, and your URL (https://app.vidgrid.com/lti/quiz).
  • Check the box to allow users to view this link. Scroll down to “Security Settings” and choose “Use tool provider security settings.” 
  • Scroll down further and click on “Add Org Units.” Now to add your video quiz into D2L, go to your content, select whatever module you want to add the quiz to, go to “Add Existing Activities,” and down to “External Learning Tools.” Click on the option for “VidGrid Quiz,” click on “VidGrid Quiz” again, and select your video. If you haven't added questions to your quiz yet, you can click on the Questions module to add new questions. 
  • Once you've added your quiz questions, you can change the instructions for students in the text box beneath your video. If you make no changes, it will show the default. You can also toggle the instructions off. When you’re ready, click “attach video to assignment.” You'll get a confirmation that the video has been attached. 
  • After you’ve attached your video, rename your quiz by clicking on the dropdown next to the title and choose “Edit Title.” Then scroll down to “add a grade item.” Here, you can put in points for your quiz that will automatically pass to the grade book. However many points you enter will be divided by the number of gradable questions in your quiz. When you’re finished, click “create.”
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