Create Class Folders:

To start creating folders in VidGrid, click on the plus sign at the top next to the record button. If you'd like everybody in your organization to be able to see the folder and the videos inside of it, choose “Add to Org Library.” If not, click “Add Folder.” Your new folder will appear in the left margin of your grid. You can access the same menu items that are in the left margin by clicking on the dropdown on the top level under the search bar.

To add subfolders, click on the more options and choose “new folder.” Once you've named the subfolder, click “Add Folder.” The new folder will appear underneath the parent folder in the dropdown. 

If you'd like to add collaborators to a folder, go into the more options and choose “Share.” Type in the name of the collaborator that you'd like to add and choose their folder visibility. It will default to “only specific collaborators can access.” If you choose “anyone can access,” anyone with the link to that folder can view the videos within it. Sharing a parent folder will share all current subfolders with the same person. If you add subfolders after sharing the parent folder, the new subfolders will not be shared. 

When a folder is shared, it will look like this:

To remove a collaborator from any folder, click on “share” under more options, click on the person’s name, and click remove. The share icon will be removed from the folder, and the folder will only be visible to you. 

If you'd like to get email notifications anytime a video is added to a folder, click on “subscribe” under more options. You can choose to get an email every time a video is added or a summary of all videos added at the end of each day. To unsubscribe, click on more options, then click on Unsubscribe, and choose Unsubscribe in the window. To remove a subfolder from a parent folder, drag it up to “My Grid” and drop.

Sharing Class Folder with Students:

To share videos with students, navigate to the folder you’d like to share. Click on more options, then click on “share.” Set the Folder visibility and copy the link. After you send out your link and students click on it, they can access all of the videos you’ve saved to that folder. They can play any course video you’ve saved in this folder.

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